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« Some christmas gifts ideas

The christmas is coming.  What unusual gift can I present?

Here I wrote some ideas…

. Christmas Tree

Lightree is a floor lamp that tells, with a stylized sign and decided on classic mountain pine and becomes a special way to add light and color the Christmas atmosphere can be found. Drawn by Loetizia Censi, can adapt to any type of environment, from wider to more discrete, thanks to the different dimensions in which it is provided. From a height of only 45 cm, Lightree is also offered in versions from 100cm, 150cm (these two dimensions as well as external) and in the scenic and charming 2 meters. In addition to the classic green color, which is inspired by the colors of nature, takes on a hot Christmas red or white is whiter than snow. …Go to shop

2. Infrared indoor heater (to warm in the winter long evenings :-) )

IR SPA infrared sauna heater

Wellness at home with the infrared sauna without a cabin. IR SPA sauna heater just needs minimum floor space and is easy to install. Small bathrooms are converted into a wellness oasis quickly. Just an ordinary socket outlet and a small space is necessary to generate a deep warmth which strengthens the body defences. The infrared sauna heater produces long and shortwave infrared waves and creates a temperature around 45-50 degrees Celsius. A comfortable deep warmth to stimulate the blood circulation and metabolism.
Model: IR SPA
IR SPA 500 (500 W)
IR SPA 750 (750 W)
Protection class: IP21
Available colors: Silver (Aluminium), Gold
Dimensions HxWxL, cm: 87.5 x 9.5 x 12.5
Weight 2.5 kg.

SMART TOWER infrared heater with integrated controller

SMART TOWER with integrated controller
First class portable heat is provided by the SMART TOWER for versatile applications in private, commercial and industrial areas. Combined with the comfort of an integrated dimmer, the SMART TOWER sets the benchmarks with it‘s vertical space-saving configuration.
BHST30 (3.000 W, 2 x 1.500 W)
Adjustable: 25, 50, 75, 100%
Protection class: IP20
Available colors: White, Silver (Aluminium), Black, Red
Dimensions HxWxL, cm: 126 x 29 x 32
Weight 7.3 kg.  …Go to shop

. Indoor/outdoor spherical floor lamp,  with build-in light, 30 – 110 cm

Indoor and outdoor spherical lamp in different color combinations, and in different sizes.
A design born to amaze. This is the characteristic of furniture products signed by Kloris: a contemporary taste that catches the attention and embellish every space by creative and comfortable solutions; fitted and modular pieces that give the possibility to create unique chromatic shades and personalized combinations.
Sinuous shapes and exclusive ideas that furnish by a contemporary and sparkling touch inside and outside settings, day -time and night-time.
Made of non-toxic and recyclable material. Resistant to shock and breakage and the used colors are unalterable, suitable for exterior and interior designs. …Go to shop

4. Lighting Stars

This luminous star, can be used both as a seat or as a lamp. Sirio exceptional on terraces, the swimming pool or in a living room.
Dimensions: 80 x 80 x h 80 cm …Go to shop

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